Zones of Regulation

Typically, towards the end of each term, young people find it more challenging to keep their emotions regulated. You may have started to notice it at home as your young person starts to tire after a big term of learning. Here, as St Paul's, we use the Zones of Regulation (in conjunction with the teaching of the Australian Curriculum personal and social capability) to help our students learn about their emotions, along with strategies that they can use in each zone to stay regulated, engaged in their learning and experience healthy relationships.  Please refer to our latest newsletter for examples.

The Zones of Regulation help to build a young person's self-awareness, as well as a sense of responsibility for their actions. Knowing what to do or where to go when we need help is a life skill that is imperative as we travel through the journey of life, and I am impressed to see how many of our St Paul's students are competently displaying this skill.

Adequate levels of sleep, a healthy diet and sticking to a good routine can support young people's emotional regulation. For more information on the benefits of sleep (as well as some tips to support a good sleep routine), please click on the following link: Sleep | St Paul’s Catholic Primary School - Woodridge ( The link will take you to our school's SchoolTV page.