School Lunchboxes

It is important for students to eat a variety of foods every day to be healthy and have a successful day at school. The best lunch boxes would include items from all food groups including water as the drink.

A lunchbox could include the following:

  • Sandwich or rice
  • Dairy- cheese or yoghurt
  • Fruit- apple, banana, pear, mandarins, strawberry
  • Vegetable sticks- carrot, celery, cucumber
  • A small treat
  • Water

Some students have a large number of packaged snacks and no sandwiches or fruit. It can sometimes be difficult organizing food for lunch boxes however some ideas may be to buy fruit in a 1kg container and also a loaf of bread which can be stored in the freezer and a few slices taken out each morning to make lunch.

It would be great for everyone to make some small changes to help students such as including a piece of fruit instead of a packaged cake or chips. This will help students perform better at school by fueling them with food that has longer lasting energy.