Student Health & Medication

​In line with current BCE policy, we are able to assist students in the administration of medications in cases where a medical practitioner necessitates the use of the medication.

As such, we are unable to administer Panadol or any other “over the counter” medication unless it has been prescribed by a doctor.

Prescription Medications:
Where a medication has been prescribed by a doctor, and the child is well enough to attend school but requires this medication during school hours, parents/carers need to provide:  A Student Medication Request Form.

Medication in the original packaging with the prescription label attached (as this shows the doctor’s instructions).

An Asthma Management Plan (for students with Asthma only).

Without these, the school is not permitted to give your child the necessary medication.

All medication must be handed into the office in the morning and collected from the office after school. No medication should be kept in a student’s pocket, bag or desk or anywhere else, unless specific permission has been given, in writing, by the Principal.

Other Health Conditions:
If your child has any health conditions, regardless of whether or not medication is needed, you may be required to provide, or work with us to create a Health Management Plan to better assist us in monitoring your child’s wellbeing while at school.


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