Principal's Welcome Message

​​​​​St Paul’s School is a place where: 
  • children, parents and teachers work together to make our school a safe and happy environment for everyone; 
  • each person is accepted for the person he or she is; 
  • nationalities make us culturally rich; 
  • learning is valued and gifts encouraged​;
  • listening, compassion and peace are nurtured.

At times, each of us experience difficulties in the living of everyday life. Our school, our children, our families are no exception but it is the combined support and willingness of children, parents and teachers to work together to overcome these difficulties that help to make them easier to manage.  The acceptance of each individual person at St. Paul’s School makes it a special place in which to learn and grow. There is a tremendous amount of school pride among the children and they deserve to be proud because it is primarily the children who make the school the wonderful place it is.

On behalf of the staff, parents ​and children of St. Paul’s School, I welcome you and extend a sincere invitation for you to be an active participant in our community. Your involvement and willingness to work in partnership with us will give you the opportunity to establish a meaningful relationship that will be of benefit to our children. Please accept our invitation.​

Yours sincerely,​

Brendan Gillespie
Acting ​Principal ​