Love Learning at St Paul's

It is a pleasure to move around the classrooms each and every day at St Paul’s. Teachers work so incredibly hard at St Paul’s to provide quality and enjoyable learning experiences for our students. We have many classes that will be attending excursions over the next few weeks. These excursions are intended to build on the learning experiences of our students. Make sure you talk to your son or daughter about their learning every day and also about their experiences when they attend excursions. Sometimes it’s hard to get anything out of your son or daughter about what they have been learning. You can try asking your son/daughter these questions to find out more about what they’ve been learning.

  1. What are you learning in (Reigion, Maths, English Science, PE)?
  2. How are you going with your learning?
  3. How do you know you are doing well/not so well?
  4. How can you improve in your learning?
  5. Who can help you with that?