St Paul's Feast Day

St Paul’s Feast Day is celebrated on June 29th each year. As this date falls in the Term 2 school holidays, we will celebrate the feast of our Patron Saint on the final day of this term. On Friday 24th June from 9am we will have a prayer celebration and everyone is welcome to join us.

Students will also spend time with their teacher learning about the life of St Paul.

The Story of St. Paul

St. Paul was likely to have been born in Tarsus, a city in what is now known as Turkey. It had a large population of Jews. Paul was a tent maker by trade and was a strict, well-educated Jew. He followed the Jewish laws so strictly that he persecuted the Christians. On one of his journeys, he had a spectacular vision of Jesus and converted to Christianity. He changed his name to Paul and continued to convert people to Christianity until his death. Paul traveled extensively and grew the early Christian church. He was a great speaker and is known for his writing. His letters have been included in the New Testament in the Bible. We try to be like Paul when we speak to others about our faith.