Launch of Project Compassion

Each class has been learning about the work of Caritas through their annual 'Project Compassion' fundraiser. This year's theme is, 'For Future Generations'.

St. Paul's partners with Caritas every yea​r, which is our way of giving to God's people during this special season. Project Compassion supports children and their families all around the world who need help to access regular food, clean water and the opportunity to learn and develop healthily.

This year, we have created a St. Paul's Village and each class is collecting money to buy different items for the village. We are raising money for things like: seeds for planting fruit trees and vegetable gardens, water pumps, chickens as a source of eggs, cows and sheep for milk and wool and resources for children to attend school.

During Lent, each class has the opportunity to place their purchased items on our village scene.

All money we raise will go to Caritas Australia who will support children and their families in real villages and communities in need.

We thank you for supporting your child/ren in collecting coins/money for our special fundraiser.