Child Protection

This week is Child Protection Week across Australia. The head of NAPCAN National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Richard Cooke writes “Child Abuse and Neglect is preventable. If we all work together as a community, we can create an Australia where all children can grow up safe and well.”

ChildProtectionWeek 2020.jpgChild abuse and neglect is one of Australia’s most significant social problems. Between 2017 and 2018 over 32,000 Australian children were proven to have been abused or neglected.

The term ‘child abuse’ includes:

  • Physical abuse: non-accidental aggressive act towards a child including slapping, shaking, punching, kicking etc.
  • Psychological abuse: includes rejecting, ignoring, terrorising and/or not providing emotional support and care.
  • Sexual abuse: any sexual activity between a child and an adult or older person (5 or more years older). Includes fondling, oral or anal and vaginal penetration, exposing or involving a child in pornography, voyeurism etc.
  • Neglect: failure to provide for a child’s basic needs, including not enough food, shelter, clothing, supervision, medical attention etc.
  • Children’s exposure to Family Violence: a child being present, either hearing or seeing, while a parent or sibling is subjected to physical, sexual or psychological abuse or is exposed to damage caused by the abuser.

We all have a part to play in the prevention and reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect in Australia. At St Paul’s this week we will be revisiting safety networks with students and reminding them of the school contacts for reporting such matters. Students can speak to any staff member if they are feeling unsafe and we also have our Student Protection Contacts for students to talk to. The Student Protection Contacts are listed below;

  • Rebecca Gyetvay – Guidance Counsellor
  • Jon Sorohan – Community Hub Program Coordinator
  • Cathie Caldwell – Assistant Principal Religious Education
  • Matt Mackinlay – Principal​​