Frequently Asked Questions

faq_1.jpgPlease select from the list below to view answers to some frequently asked questions:


Our school assemblies are held each Thursday at 9am in the Undercover area. 
Parents are welcome to attend these assemblies.

Conflict Resolution Process

During school hours, children are under the care of the school staff. Any incidences of conflict between children should be reported to the class teacher or Principal so that a resolution can be sought. Direct intervention by a parent/relative or friend is not acceptable.


Students are given set homework for the four evenings from Monday to Thursday. Students are encouraged to take the responsibility of attending to homework on a regular basis to form the habit of independent learning.


You will be kept informed of school and parish activities through our newsletter that is sent home each Wednesday. The eldest child in each family is responsible for taking the newsletter home. The newsletter may also be emailed to you.

Summer Storms

faq_assembly.jpgOften these storms occur as school is closing (2.55 p.m.). We encourage parents to respond to any storm warning by collecting children early on these days.

Children will not be dismissed from the classrooms in the midst of a thunder storm. The end of the day dismissal bell will be rung as soon as the storm has passed over.

Wet Weather

To keep our children dry during the wet season, we recommend the use of a plastic poncho or raincoat. Umbrellas are unsuitable and a safety risk.