Term 2 Thanks

​This Friday we break for our June/July holidays and I know that many in our community are looking forward to the break. It has been an enormous Term 2. We started off the term with only the children of essential workers at school attending classes. Over the course of the term we have slowly welcomed back our student group as the government restrictions have lifted. COVID-19 has had a major impact on our community at our school as well as impacting on school events and routines.

There have been a number of positive outcomes that have come out of this experience. Challenging times often bring new learnings, new ways of working and increased resilience. Some of the positive outcomes of this term include;

  • Increase in the Technology Skills of both teachers, students and parents
  • Increase in student resilience and self-confidence
  • Greater collaboration between our various Year Level Teams and other School Teams
  • The community is dealing with challenges and issues more as a problem to be solved collectively
  • The generosity and kindness of the community to each other

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all community members for the way that we have come together to get through this difficult time. Your support of our school and our staff has been appreciated. I would also like to thank the incredible St Paul’s staff for their hard work and dedication during uncertain times. You might already know, but the St Paul’s staff are an outstanding group of professionals, passionately dedicated to the care of your children. We are looking forward to Term 3.