St Paul's Feast Day Celebrations

On Friday 29 June- the final day of Term 2, 2018- our school will celebrate Saint Paul’s Feast Day. The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul falls on 29 June each year. Our school celebrates this feast on the last day of Term 2 with a range of activities. This year, the activities will include whole school mass, St Paul's Live concert, buddy activities, shared pizza and a range of classroom activities to support our learning about St Paul as a role model.

St Paul, together with St Peter, is considered to be one of the founders of the early church, through his preaching, ministry and martyrdom. Paul was the Apostle of the Gentiles. His letters are included in the writings of the New Testament, and through them we learn much about his life and the faith of the early Church.

On this day each year, we acknowledge and honour St Paul as he demonstrated to us all a life that was spirit-filled, spirit-led, fearless, faith filled and courageous. We can aim to be like St Paul if we allow the spirit to lead us and we show courage in our faith.