Refurbished Community Hub

​We are in our refurbished Community Hub and we are excited! It’s an incredibly exciting time for the team and for our community as the Hub has never had this type of makeover! We have made modifications to the hub as needed over the years, but this renovation is a once in a lifetime event! Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) have supported this project to the tune of approximately $230 000. New works include: internal and external walls, windows, roof, cabinetry, flooring, paint, toilet and electrical circuitry. We are waiting on building approval for the toi-let, but this will come through in the holidays and the toilet will be completed for the start of Term 2. Thanks to the Building Services team at BCE who have made this project happen for us. Thanks also to Fr Dave for allowing us to use the Parish Meeting Room during this time. I also need to send a special thankyou to Miss Michelle, Mr Jon, and Mr Brooks for all their hard work in moving the gear back into the Hub and getting it all to the standard we see today. The redeveloped Hub will be officially blessed and opened on 23 June on our Family Fun Day.​