Read, Read, Read, Read

​Don’t stop reading to your kids! If you are new to English, read to them in your 1st language! Read when-ever you can and where ever you can. Read recipes, picture books, magazines, road signs, newspapers, whatever you can get your hands on! Make it fun, make it regular! Reading and listening to stories helps children in so many ways. It builds their language skills, develops their confidence, helps them to learn new things and explore the world around them more deeply. Reading helps them to understand other people, it helps them to be more tolerant and peaceful towards others. Reading to and with children at a young age can set them up for a positive life of learning! Reading with your child also helps you build a bond with your son/daughter. Youtube is full of great stories and I’ll be featuring some of these in the newsletter over the coming weeks. Here’s the Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland.​