Love Learning at St Paul's

It has been a pleasure being in rooms this week seeing the brilliant teaching and learning that is taking place. A highlight for me has been seeing the students across the school engaged in Mathematics activities and using concrete materials to solve maths problems. By using real ‘concrete’ materials to solve problems, students are gaining a more solid foundation to their maths understandings. It is also fantastic to see the joy in the learning that happens in each and every classroom at St Paul’s! Please see pictures below.

Learning is Uncomfortable- that’s OK!

At school, learning is a journey from the unknown to the known. This learning journey is often challenging and forces children to sit with discomfort as the learning gets hard. As parents and teachers, we sometimes rescue children too early before they learn to develop courage and resilience during these times. My thought this week is for all of us to reflect on how quickly we may try to take this discomfort away from children instead of giving them a chance to develop courage and resilience. We need to help our children choose courage over comfort. As children grow older, they will then be able to have the skills to deal with more challenging and complex situations.