Learning Fun at St Paul's

​We are constantly looking for ways to improve student learning engagement at St Paul’s. Our teachers and School Officers work tirelessly each and every day to create quality learning experiences for our children. Our students are often going on excursions to learn about the world around them. We have also recently purchased a range of flexible learning furniture for our upper classroom teachers to help them learn and collaborate in their learning. I have included some photos of this amazing furniture. We have also installed some outside learning spaces off the Year 1 and 2 rooms to help teachers and school officers work in a collaborative and positive learning space.

Growing Strong in the Faith

We wear our Catholic Faith on our sleeve at St Paul’s and you can feel the Catholicity of our community through the positive conversations and experiences that take place at school and also through the support processes we have in place at school. The story of Jesus is at the heart of all we think say and do at St Paul’s. To confirm our outward expression of our Catholic identity we have installed a beautiful wooden cross on the outside of C block. This cross is made from 100 year old timber and is a beautiful reminder of the heart of our school: the story of Jesus.​