Harmony Day 21st March

​Yesterday at our Harmony Day event we celebrated everything that it means to be a member of the St Paul’s School community. During Harmony Day we celebrated the diversity of the people in our school but we also embraced and celebrated the things which bring us together and make us the same. During the first session students were invited to try on cultural clothes of some of the represented cultures in our school in our Portraits of Harmony photo booth. At 11:30am we were joined by our parents, grandparents, friends and supporters of our school for our Harmony Day Concert. This concert featured dances from students representing many of the cultures of our school. It was just brilliant to see the joy on everyone’s faces during the concert.

harmonyday2018pbetts.jpgPam Betts the Executive Director of Brisbane Catholic Education joined us for the day, as did our area supervisor and past Principal of St Paul’s School, Anne McKenny. We were also joined by representatives from Brisbane Catholic Education and some quiet supporters of our school. At the end of the concert our Executive Director taught us her own “harmony” dance!

I would like to thank all the students for their wonderful participation and also our brilliant staff for their hard work in preparing for the day.