Feast Day of St Mary MacKillop

Next Friday 7 August, our school community will gather to give thanks for Mary MacKillop at a whole school mass at 10:00am. We acknowledge Mary MacKillop as a great inspiration and role model for us to know how to live the way Jesus showed us. Mary MacKillop demonstrated how to ‘love one another as Jesus loved us’. She offered care and support for the poor and marginalized in early Australia. She provided education for children whose families could not afford for them to go to school.

Year 5 are studying a unit of work in Religious Education at the moment where they develop understanding of how the wisdom of Mary MacKillop strengthened the faith of believers. We still look to Mary MacKillop today for wisdom to understand what God is call-ing us to do. Some of Mary’s well-known words inspire us here at St Paul’s each day.

  • “Find happiness in making others happy” 1889
  • “We have cause to be grateful for God has done so much for us” 1890
  • “ Do what you can with the means at your disposal and leave the rest calmly to God” 1888

We give thanks for the inspiration of Mary MacKillop. May her words inspire you and your families this week and support you to grow closer to God.