Check in QLD App

St Paul’s Catholic Primary School is now using the Check In QLD app to help keep you COVID safe.

All visitors and volunteers (including parents) are still required to sign in and out at the front office as per work place health ​​and safety requirements. This register is essential in an emergency situation. In addition to this, we now require any visitors or volunteers who are not current staff or parents (We have contact details on file for staff and parents) to scan in with the Check In QLD app at the front office when signing in.

For parents visiting the school for special events where they do not sign in at the office, you will be required to scan in using the app. This may include assemblies, liturgies or classroom celebrations. The QR code will be located near the entry to these locations.

Using this digital check in means details can be stored securely by the Queensland Government for 56 days to assist with COVID-19 contact tracing (If needed). The Check in QLD app is safe, secure and private.