COVID-19 Updates

​Unprecedented Times

We are certainly living in interesting times. As always, our School has the care of your children at the centre of all we do. St Paul’s school at the time of writing this newsletter is open and all staff are focused on delivering quality teaching and learn-ing experiences for your children. Our regular learning program continues.

As you are aware we have put in place a range of school processes to respond to the current health crisis. We are following government and health authority advice. I will provide all parents and staff the appropriate information as it comes to hand. I will also make myself available for parent questions about corona virus and our school’s response straight after our student gathering at 8:35am each morning. I will meet with parents on the mini stage outside the school library to answer questions you might have.

Key Messages for Parents

  • We follow government and health authority advice.
  • At this time, Catholic schools are open and delivering quality teaching and learning experiences for children.
  • Like us, reinforce with your children the need for basic hygiene and social dis-tancing.
  • Students who are showing flu like symptoms should be kept home.
  • Student wellbeing is core to Catholic Education.
  • Being present at school remains important.
  • However, school staff are planning for all contingencies.
  • We are well supported by Brisbane Catholic Education and the Catholic Schools around us.
  • Please communicate with St Paul’s School Leadership if you have any ques-tions or concerns on 32082868 or

Key Messages for Students

  • Remember how valuable your time is and stay focused on learning.
  • Wherever you are, practice good basic hygiene and remember the importance of social distancing.
  • While schools might close for a period, learning should not stop.
  • Regular school expectations apply to all.

I again share wit​h you a quote that is important for us to take on board.

“Most young children will remember what their family home and school felt like dur-ing the coronavirus time, more than anything specific about the virus. Our children are watching us and learning about how to respond to stress and uncertainty. Let’s wire our children for resilience, not for panic.”

Please also remember to access Brisbane Catholic Education's latest COVID-19 updates via the yellow link at the top of this website (or click here).