Return to School for all students!

We are looking forward to having our Year 2 to Year 6 students return to school next week. We have missed having you all at school and we can’t wait to get back to our regular school program. Congratulations to all students for the hard work and adaptability that they have shown, with the help of their parents and carers, during this difficult time!

There has never been a time in our lives to match the experiences we have had and it hasn’t just been an Australia​​n phenomenon, it has been a crisis that the whole world has experienced. Some countries are still battling the virus in a significant way and we pray for the people of these countries. We will always remember the intensity of this time and I will always remember the hard work, adaptability, determination and positivity that our staff showed towards our students, each other and the wider community. Our St Paul’s School Community is small but it is resilient and strong and we have become closer for the experience, as much as it has been difficult. There are many learnings and changes to the way we do things that we will take with us into the future, namely, elevated hygiene practices, more engagement with technology, stronger links with home to name a few. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back with us on Monday 25th of May and remember, breakfast club is open on Monday at 8:00am and school starts at 8:35am.