BCE Excellence Awards

I am pleased to announce that the St Paul’s School Staff achieved an Excellence in Learning and Teaching Award for the brilliant work that they do supporting your children each and every day. The St Paul’s School staff group are a passionate and hardworking group and they change lives! It is wonderful that they have been recognized for this award. I have included some photos from the award night in this newsletter.

I have included the award blurb below.​


Excellence in Learning and Teaching by a School or School Team

The School Staff Team from St Paul’s Woodridge are passionately committed to enhancing the learning progress of every student. They are clear in their expectations of students and regularly collaborate to fine tune their practice to best support students.

St Paul’s School is a complex school with 70% of students considered EALD, with many of these families having faced adversity and traumatic life experiences as they were pushed from their home countries as refugees. The challenges faced by the community are complex, but the St Paul’s School staff team work collaboratively and tenaciously to best meet the learning and wellbeing needs of their students. This involves the implementation of practices and a philosophy around student support that is grounded in hope and best practice, such that staff consider the whole child when they are responding to issues.

Through the St Paul’s Community Hub, staff respond to the needs of our parents and carers, through programs and engagement activities to ensure that families are suitably equipped to support their children to attend school. If parents/carers don’t have the means to support their children in their school journey, St Paul’s staff are committed to linking parents/carers into the support services that they require.​

The Staff of St Paul’s Catholic Primary School are an outstanding group of people who work tirelessly to support each and every child. The staff are examples of committed, compassionate and professional educators who strive to improve their practice to support the students in their care. The teachers are the modern-day example of Mary Mackillop in their unerring commitment to give their students the best possible start in life through their primary education. The St Paul’s staff group are an outstanding group of educators who are absolutely deserving of receiving this award.