Arts News

As the year comes to a close, I am so proud to see the growth of all of the students in their art lessons this year. There have been many wonderful creations this year across the year levels and this term is no exception!

After looking at the book ‘The Dot’ by Peter H Reynolds, the prep students then created many artworks based on this book, such as 3D Dot paper Sculptures and Dot Bugs. They also created some beautiful Spring Flower pictures. The students of Year 1 worked very hard to create a mixed media artwork based on the book Fabulous Crab. Year 2 finished their Australian Magpie artworks inspired by Indigenous artist Danielle Mate. Year 3 students painted an abstract artwork, using many layers, colours, shapes and patterns. Then they made a surrealism self-portrait through collage. The Year 4 students completed their bird collage art pieces and then created some wonderful Egg Carton 3D characters. The Year 5 students have been exploring perspective this term, painting artworks from different views. They needed to ensure their objects in the distance were smaller than the ones in the foreground. Year 6 students have finished their Steampunk themed Robots and then moved onto their abstract self-portraits.