Anti Bullying Week

This week is Anti- Bullying Week and at St Paul's we take a firm stance on bullying.  If we are informed or notified by a student, parent or teacher we engage our school wide support polices and processes. Our policies to care for our students are clearly set out in the Student Protection section of this website.  CLICK HERE >>

The theme this year is “One Kind Word”. So this week we will be discussing bullying with a focus on prevention through kind actions and in particular, kind words. We will be encouraging our students to take the time to say at least one kind word to someone else each day. We will also be exploring the connection of kindness to our core value of Respect.

It is important to define bullying. Bullying is not a once-off remark or negative action that a student shows towards another student. For an action to be defined as "BULLYING" the negative action needs to be sustained over a period of time and bullying involves power. By power I mean, the student who is perpetrating the bullying behaviour believes that they are better or have the right to exert some type of influence over the victim. In the instance of bullying, this influence is hurtful, harmful and dangerous. At St Paul's we work tirelessly to say "NO" to bullying! If you suspect that any bullying types of behaviour are taking place in our community, please speak up and make contact with school leadership through the school office.