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 5A Gold Rush Experience

​On Monday 30th October, we left school for our Belivah Goldrush excursion. When we got everything, we looked vintage. Then there was this lady named Miss. P. She rode a horse, she wanted to show us into town…but there was also a trapper telling all of us that there was a bushranger and then she bolted. So the bushranger pointed a gun at us and told Shantal to give over her school bag. So she did, and the bushranger stole her…BANANA!!! (and all her gold of course!) Then, later on, we made tents and had an orienteering game. We had to find letters to make up a bush-ranger name. Then some kids made damper for us to eat. After that, we played a gold-finding game – whoever found the most gold was classified as the gold rush champion. Hillen won. A little later on, we had some awards given to us for the day. Finally, we packed up all our stuff – minus the gold, and walked back to our tour bus. It was the best excursion ever – we had an awesome experience on the gold fields! By Shantal and Agnes
Quotes from Year 5 students about the excursion
“It was really fun learning about olden day things and watching the role plays.” Seth
“It was very interesting and it really felt like I was living back in the 1800’s.” Agnes
“It was a fun experience learning about the gold rush days and realising how hard it was finding gold.” Saylai
“It was fun because we ate damper and the activities were amazing.” Luisa
“Yesterday we went to the excursion. It was about the gold rush and had lots of fun activities and yummy food. The last challenge was the hardest activity and I was the winner of the Goldrush challenge.” Hillen