​School Choir
Our school choir has approximately 50 members ranging from Year 3 to Year 6. Our choir is a great opportunity for our children to express their talent and love for singing and music in general. It is considered to be a valuable literacy and cultural activity. Our choir perform publicly at the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Festival, Aged Care facilities, Community gatherings such as Harmony Day and at the local shopping centres.

Sport Activities
St Paul’s offer opportunities in a number of sports. There is an annual swimming program for all students (Prep to Year 6). In summer, students from Year 4 to 6 have been playing in a local cricket competition (Saturday mornings). In winter, students from Year 5 and 6 participate in a local schools rugby league and netball competition. Students are also selected for district and metropolitan Athletic and Cross Country competitions.

School Camp
Year Six students attend a school camp that is held every 2 years. This is a great experience - planned, organised and facilitated by the students with support of their teachers. It is an important part of the senior primary leadership program.

Theatre Restaurant
On alternative years to the school camp, the Year 6 students plan, organise and operate a Theatre Restaurant for parents and carers. This, too, is a wonderful highlight of the school year.

St Paul's Community Garden
St Paul’s Community Garden is an organic community food garden with a strong focus on education as well as community and environmental harmony. We encourage the input and participation of people from all cultural backgrounds in the local area to ensure the growth of a diverse, sustainable and healthy garden and community.