Student Protection Information

Catholic Education Archdiocese of Brisbane has been and continues to be strongly committed to student protection education and student protection processes.

Personal Safety education takes place within the context of a Catholic school community where the individual student is valued as a child of God. It is also widely acknowledged that parents/caregivers are ideally placed to teach children and adolescents the personal safety skills to enable them to cope in awkward, unsafe or dangerous situations.

Since 2002 when Brisbane Catholic Education launched the Feeling Safe Strategy in all schools, all staff have been receiving student protection in-service and posters have been displayed throughout every school providing students with easily recognisable and simple to implement protective reporting processes.

The information given to students via the posters has key ideas that are communicated to students. They are: -

  • We all have the right to feel safe all the time
  • Nothing is so awful that we can’t talk about it with someone
  • Students develop their own personal network of adults they trust
  • Students are encouraged to talk to these people if they feel unsafe at school or away from school.
  • The concept of persistence is stressed i.e. students are encouraged to keep talking until someone listens and something is done to help them feel safe again.

The involvement of parents/caregivers and other relevant community members is an important factor in achieving successful, co-operative personal safety education.

Parents/caregivers are encouraged to support these messages by communicating with their children and young people about these important issues. This collaboration ensures that schools and parents/caregivers are working in partnership to keep our children and young people safe from harm.


  • Matthew Mackinlay - Principal
  • Cathie Caldwell - APRE
  • Rebecca Gyetvay - Guidance Counsellor
  • Jon Sorohan - Community Partnerships Coordinator


For more information regarding student protection processes in Brisbane Catholic Education schools please contact your principal or click here to access Brisbane Catholic Education documentation regarding Student Protection Policies and processes.


Each time you visit St Paul's School to work as a volunteer, you are required to sign on as a volunteer.  In responding to the Queensland Legislative requirements regarding Student Protection and Volunteer Training, we are mindful that becoming a volunteer in a school is now a complex process. Volunteers are highly valued here at St Paul's and your role in helping at school is a very critical one to our daily life and the provision of high quality education to students. Please continue to volunteer within our community. The students benefit enormously, the staff appreciate and value your contributions and the Administration Team commend the many skills and incredible energy you give us as a volunteer.

Brisbane Catholic Education require that all volunteers (parents, grandparents, etc) complete an online Student Protection and Parent Code of Conduct Course.  It takes about 30 minutes to complete and when completed you are asked to print out the Completion Form, complete it with your information and send to school.  It supersedes any previous training or  forms  and must be completed for you to assist us in any way – swimming, tuckshop, uniform shop, classroom assistance, Fete, Library assistance or any other time when you come to school to volunteer.
 If you have previously completed the training, you are required to complete the updated training and form. 

To locate the Code of Conduct Book and online course for volunteers,  click on the link below. 

Importantly – remember to send the completed form to school as soon as it is completed. Volunteers will be unable to assist, without completing this training.